Electric Vehicles (EVs) are expensive, right?

The cheapest Tesla is over £40k in the UK and more like £60k once you’ve specified a big battery and the autopilot that everyone talks about. That puts the brand firmly in the luxury category and out of the reach of Mr and Mrs…

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I’ve been looking into Electric cars (or Electric Vehicles — EVs — as they are generally known). I’ve been trying to work out if one would work for me, what the costs are and what they’re like to drive.

I’m not interested in the top end — cars like Teslas…

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The very first Mac that I used, the original Macintosh 128k, was silent. It was silent because it didn't have a fan and it didn’t have a hard drive. It’s said that Steve Jobs insisted on the absence of both. Without fans and hard drives, the original Mac had no…

Building Virtual Assistants is tough. The work frequently includes some form of AI environment, bespoke servers for custom logic, caching servers and databases that provide dynamic content to your VA, etc. That leads, often, to a development environment that’s quite complex — not something for an iPad, you would think.

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Back in early March, my team at Humanise.AI were asked to immediately evacuate the co-working space that was our base. There’d been a suspected case of COVID-19 in the building and, at that early stage, nobody was taking any risks. Turfed out onto the streets by our blue-gloved (!) hosts…

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I’ve witnessed and been part of some difficult and stressful conversations over the past week. COVID-19 is dramatically changing our world and we’re all struggling to process what this means.

Workers in many industries are facing an uncertain future. Those working in or dependent upon airlines, hospitality, restaurants, travel, entertainment…

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Last week the Humanise.AI team made the decision to become home-workers 🏡 for the foreseeable future.

The co-working space that we use had been dramatically shut last week for a suspected COVID-19 🦠 infection, which turned out to be a false-alarm (phew!).

However, that brush with the virus brought it…

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It’s a question I sometimes get asked. “Why couldn’t I do this on a website?”, “What is it that a conversational system offers, that a website cannot?” I should confess that if you ask this question, it marks you out as an unbeliever.

So this post is dedicated to all…

A confusing array of deeply technical NLP announcements, coupled with a healthy degree of press hype, make it tough to understand what’s happening. Here, I attempt to make sense of things.

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We’ve seen an exciting array of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and technologies announced over the past year –…

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that chatbots are all about customer service — they can be surprisingly good at sales.

The prevailing opinion seems to be that the purpose of Conversational Systems (chatbots) is in customer support. But that conventional wisdom might be wrong.

Most (every?) business is driven…

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Eclectic tastes, amateur at most things. Learning how to build a new startup. Former CTO for IBM Watson Europe.

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